How you can help

There are tons of creative ways that you can help us raise funds for Get Comfortable and get involved in the program –
here are just a few ways:


Bring donation items! 

Most of the non-profits have a list of items they are in need of for donation on their websites and we are constantly updating the list on our events page at  In addition to giving to someone in need, we will offer a $2 discount off your tour when you bring a donation item!

Donation items for The Sparrow's Nest (February):

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Soap bars
  • Deodorant
  • Bath towels
  • Washclothes
  • School supplies 
  • Tents
  • Book bags
  • Duffle bags
  • Clothing for the Clothes Closet - a clothing bin located in Sparrow's Nest's parking lot

Spread the word! 

Bring a friend to the tour, tell your friends about Get Comfortable, and share information about the program on your social media outlets.  The only way for the Get Comfortable fund to be successful is for the public to take ownership of the program and to educate others.  The more people learn about the program, the more people show up to tours, and the more money we can donate to these amazing non-profits!


There will be non-profit representatives at the brewery on Wednesdays for guests to ask questions about volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved.  If you have questions about opportunities, you can ask these representatives as well as our tour staff at the brewery. 

Come to the tour! 

We are donating 100% of the profits from our Wednesday tours to the Get Comfortable program.  Come to the brewery, have a beer, take a tour of the brewery, and have a great time for a good cause.  The featured non-profit for each Wednesday will also have interactive booths for patrons to ask questions and create kits and items for the designated non-profit.  Drinking beer + having fun with friends = really easy way to give back to your community!

Purchase Get Comfortable merchandise! 

In addition to donating the profits for Wednesday tours to Get Comfortable, we are also donating 100% of the profits for any Get Comfortable merchandise to the Get Comfortable fund.  You can purchase items in person at the brewery or click our “Merchandise” tab to purchase items in our online store. 

Are you a for profit who wants to get involved?

Part of what drives the success of our Get Comfortable campaign is for profit involvement within our community. Whether your establishment pours CCBC beer or not, there are plenty of ways that we could use your help to raise money and awareness about the campaign. Interested? Email us at


what can your donation do?

Athens Area Homeless Shelter:

$25 = 5 months of transportation for employment opportunities, 3 months of diapers for sheltered children, or 1 month of child care for a homeless infant

$50 = A cleaning supply kit for a homeless family moving from shelter into our rapid re-housing

$60 = 1 week of after school care for a homeless child (so mom can be in school and/or working)

$90 = A bathroom kit for a homeless family moving from shelter into our rapid re-housing

$100 = 1 month supply of diapers for sheltered children

$125 = 1 week of daycare for a homeless toddler (so mom can be in school and/or working)

ACCA-Meals On Wheels:

$15 = A bag of commodities, including fresh produce, for 10 seniors

$20 = A month of food for a senior's pet

$35 = A full week of meals for one person

$49 = A microwave for one person

sparrow's Nest:

$30 = One person’s ID & Birth Certificate or Meds

$14-$15 = A bucket of laundry detergent which consist of 200 loads

$50 = Assists with breakfast sausage, bread and canned goods

$50 = Provides hygiene kits for 10 people


Still have questions or curious about the program?  Feel free to visit us at the brewery Tuesday-Saturday during tours or email us at  Stay curious!